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Create and track your financial portfolio’s performance.
Create unlimited trading strategies.

Get clear trading instructions with entries and exits
(Take profit, Stop loss) on stocks, forex, commodities, ETF and crypto.

Trade the news with our in-build sentiment analysis.
Gauge the impact of ongoing news, and apply this information in your trading for high probability trading setup.

Analysed charts
Our technical analysis generated by our algorithms are designed to provide key levels for support and resistance, plus define current short and long term trends.

Market Intelligence
Get a “straight to the point” snapshot of what’s happening in the global financial market.

1000+ trading instruments
U.S. Stocks / U.K. Stocks / Germany Stocks / World Indices / Major,cross Forex pairs / Commodities / Major Cryptocurrencies, Cross Cryptocurrencies / Commodities / Bonds... (List of available instruments)

Place your trades and orders from SmartAlpha directly.
Trade with eToro directly from SmartAlpha with just one click.


Auto-Trade on eToro with our proprietary SmartAlpha allocation
Copy our winning strategy on eToro and profit without the hassle.


SmartAlpha Trading Intelligence is forever $1 for eToro users
Terms & Conditions: Signup to eToro from SmartAlpha or copy our Portfolio on eToro if you are already a client at eToro.



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